About Taz Thomas

Taz Thomas, J.D., LL.M., P.A

In 1980, Taz Thomas started his career in medicine as a Physician Assistant (P.A.) for Texas A&M University at the Buetel Health Center in College Station. Since then he has continued to work as a P.A. while earning a law degree and becoming a practicing attorney. His work in psychiatry dates back to 1986, and his broad, diverse experience across disciplines makes him a great advocate for patients.
As a practicing attorney, Mr. Thomas understands personal injury, family law, and health care law, giving him unusual insight into the legal aspects of medicine. His advanced degree in health care law combined with his broad medical experience has earned him positions on the Interview and Admissions Committee and on the Curriculum Development Committee for the P.A. program at UTMB. He has experience with medical and insurance investigations, and has even served as a P.A. in the Parkway Hospital Emergency Room in Houston.
If you live in the Humble area and are in need of counseling or psychiatric treatment, make an appointment with Taz Thomas today. His background and knowledge about medicine and health care law are an incredible benefit to patients, especially as changes related to the Affordable Care Act begin to trickle down to local medical practices.