What to Expect

Please see our forms below and download the New Patient Packet and Hippa-CSA form. Bring these completed documents with you to your first appointment and it will save you time. You must also provide a copy of your insurance card and ID at the appointment.  It is imperative that you arrive at least 30 minutes early for your appointment as office policy states that if you are late, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen.  We keep a very tightly booked schedule that does not allow for late check in.

Once you arrive, we will spend a brief moment taking your basic vitals signs to insure you receive the highest level of care from our clinicians by providing us with every aspect of information possible to make the best possible assessment.

As you sit down with the evaluating clinician, you will fully discuss your concerns and the clinician will ask you a series of questions that will allow them to make diagnosis regarding the symptoms described.  A typical new patient evaluation can last approximately 30 minutes but may be quicker or longer depending on necessity and information.

Once a diagnosis and treatment plan has been recommended, the clinician will typically want to see the patient back in 2 weeks.  This is vital, as the patient needs to be monitored closely to see how their body is reacting to the treatment  as well as to assess the patients ability to adhere to the recommended treatment plan.

On occasion, the clinician will need to slightly modify the treatment plan if the patient requires additional changes to obtain desired goal.

Please note that we charge for every office visit.  The clinicians time is extremely valuable and this is a specialist. Please bare with us as we work diligently to find the perfect treatment for you.

When the patient reaches the desired results and becomes stable, we will begin scheduling appointments in three month intervals.

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